Just a week ago, I wrote a blog about how parents are choosing to keep their kids entertained with DVDs and video games instead of playing with them. However, a newer study has turned that on its head by suggesting that 44% children are spending more time playing outside then two years ago. The study, carried out by a food manufacturer called Arla as part of their Kids Closer to Nature campaign, said that is due to the recession and parents not having as much money to spend to entertain their kids. The actual figure is that 70% of parents are spending less on entertaining their kids than two years ago. Instead, parents are choosing to go out to parks or the beach. However, the study does go on to say that although kids are outdoors, they are missing out on traditional activities. For example, just 55% of kids have climbed a tree whereas 65% own a TV or DVD player, and only 59% have flown a kite but 68% own a games console. This is where the National Trust’s fantastic 50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 ¾ is so great. It’s a list of the 50 best things to do outdoors, and allows kids to earn rewards to personalise their own explorer by completing the activities. Follow the links below to check out the article and the 50 Things website. Also, don’t forget that here at Bird Kids; we have a great range of outdoor toys. From children’s gardening utensils from Egmont, to boules from Djeco and footballs from Wild & Wolf, we have everything you need for fun outdoors. Recession signals return of outdoor play, survey says - BBC News 50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 ¾ - National Trust
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