Treat your little ones to a great selection of fun and educational games and encourage them to learn as they play. Boosting creativity while building their social, language and coordination skills, educational toys are perfect for even very young children, teaching them valuable life lessons while they are having a whole lot of fun! The role-playing sets in the Djeco collection are wonderful examples of the fine educational toys available to us today. Bright, colourful and with a range of items to play with, your child can create their own tea-party, birthday party, or even become a vet for the day with one of these beautiful role-playing sets, you just need to add a few teddies or dolls for an afternoon of fun. Wooden ‘lift out’ puzzles also fall into the educational toy category as they improve hand-eye coordination skills, while helping our kids to recognise shapes and sizes. Designed for toddlers, the wooden puzzles in the Djeco collection consist of sturdy pieces that are easy for tiny hands to grasp, and they come in a range of fun animal designs. Traditional educational toys such as building blocks seem to have been around forever and our kids never tire of these brightly coloured blocks. Both Djeco and BRIO offer great sets of building or stacking blocks that feature bold colours, animal designs, letters and numbers to help you kids learn as they play. In the RSPB collection of singing birds, you will find a great selection of soft toys that make an authentic bird call when squeezed. A different educational toy, but one that teaches our kids all the same, these beautiful birds comes with detailed information about their habitat and habits, teaching our kids about the wildlife that surrounds them. Fun, colourful, bright and entertaining, educational toys are wonderful for kids of all ages, so stock up and give your little ones the very best start in life.

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