Seeking to inspire children while preserving and protecting the environment; Wild Republic produce toys which are educational and nature friendly. Their motto "Inspired by nature, fueled by fun" is evident across their entire range of soft toys, and the beautiful RSPB Singing birds are a shinning example. This delightful range of soft birds has been designed for young children aged 3 and upwards, and comes in an array of commonly known wild British birds such as House sparrows, Blue tits, Blackbirds and Cuckoos.
More exotic birds such as the Wandering Albatross, and a park favourite - the Mallard duck can also be found, and when squeezed all of these birds "sing" an authentic, digitally reproduced bird call. The bird calls for this specific line, were produced by Europe's leading birdsong recording laboratory (CEBA), and sales of these soft toys support the RSPB (the Royal society for the protection of birds); enabling them to carry on their tireless work of conserving birds and wildlife. Each of these Singing birds are super cute and come with some interesting facts to teach your children, such as migration patterns, breeding information and habitat details of that particular bird. All of these soft toys are produced with the highest quality of materials, and to strict safety requirements. They conform to British and European Safety Standards (EN71 BS5665), so you can give to your child with confidence. Beautiful, educational, charitable and safe - a soft toy for every child.
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