When buying toys for your children or gifts for other people's children, you want to be sure that you are giving them the very best. As we know, play is essential to a child's development, so like most parents, when I look for children's toys I want them to be fun, creative, entertaining and safe for my child to play with. The Djeco range of children's toys and crafts meet all of my requirements. The Company (based in Paris, France) ensures its toys are produced to the highest quality; meet all toy manufacturer's expectations and their creative designs inspire children, so they learn while they play. The range of "Role Play" toys by Djeco are particularly well received by children of all ages. Role Playing has numerous benefits for your child; a cognitive learning method, it encourages your child to think and make decisions. The "My Picnic Role Playing set" by Djeco is a beautifully decorated wooden set that contains all your child will need to have a wonderful picnic. The set includes a picnic basket with a carry handle, bowls, plates, glasses, cutlery, and a drinks jug. Decorated in summer colours, your child will happily play for hours on their own with a favourite toy or doll, or with a best friend.
The Witches' Broth Role Playing Toy by Djeco will appeal to both boys and girls. Including a wooden cauldron and a variety of "spooky" accessories, your little wizard will love to make a spider stew or a toad soup for you!
For the more "experienced" chef, the Fruits and Vegetables to Cut Wooden Role Playing Set by Djeco is a wonderful gift. A colourful array of wooden fruits and vegetables that are stuck together with Velcro; the set includes a decorated chopping board, a rounded wooden knife (blunt of course!) and a selection of fruits and vegetables for your little chef to "chop" away at. Role-playing teaches many life lessons; such as, competition, cooperation and compassion so take a look at the Djeco range of toys today.
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