The recent turn in the weather from glorious sunshine to gloomy rain has led us back to hot drinks and reminded me about all the cool novelty mugs we have. Once you drink from one of these mugs you will never look back, the days of boring mugs are over! Although we are mostly a children’s clothing and gifts website I think this is one area which is mostly appreciated by adults. For instance we have a huge range of Moomin mugs by Finnish design company Arabia Finland. All the main characters are included, including Snufkin, Snork Maiden and Moominmama. Much to my despair The Groke (the most terrifying children’s character of all time) also has it’s own mug. Is The Moomins still being shown on TV? Moomin Mug - MoominmamaMoomin Mug - Moomin Love

Moomin Mug - The Groke
We also have the best-selling Scrabble Mugs by Wild & Wolf which have got a lot of attention. I’m a little disappointed as ‘L’ only nets a double letter score but hey ho.
scrabble mug - Q
The Dandy Star Mugs are also pretty popular at the moment with their simple bold and colourful messages. Last but not least, my personal favourite at the moment is the “Listen to the world” mug by Wild & Wolf, really nice illustration. Rob Ryan "Listen to The World" Mug
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