After years of waiting, Eisbar hats are now available in the UK at a select number of retailers. Eisbar proudly proclaim themselves as the most recognisable ski hats you will see on the slope and looking at some of the designs we stock, we’d be inclined to agree with them. You may be wondering why we only have one size of each hat in stock. This is because one size is all you need! Eisbar’s one size fits all approach is achievable by a ‘Comfort Stretch’ system, which allows one hat to fit all heads, whether large or small. As well as looking great, the hats are also highly functional. As a testament to their quality, Eisbar have been the official sponsor of the Austrian National Ski Teams for over 30 years and here is why; All Eisbar hats use a Teflon coated material which gives them excellent wind and rain resistance whilst still allowing your head to breathe thus reducing sweating and irritation. Looking further at the science behind the ski hat, they are made primarily with Polartec Technologies. Polartec fabrics are developed to meet the extreme weather demands a ski hat must deal with. Another point that sets Eisbar apart from the rest is the use of Marino wool which is durable, has good insulation and stays looking good over time. According to Eisbar it is the only wool which has all these qualities, making it the perfect choice for functional ski wear. As with all businesses Eisbar (which can be translated as Polar Bear) has humble roots as a family business producing knitwear. They are now well established in Europe as providers of quality ski wear and are becoming popular in all outdoor activities such as sailing, orienteering and even rugby!

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