As the mild temperatures are slowly rising and the evenings are starting to get lighter it can only mean one thing: spring is on its way. The spring season is a great time for changing and experimenting with outfits according to every unpredictable weather condition and purpose. Here at Birdkids, we want to keep the fun factor with children’s clothing as well as giving them the practicality for any occasion. So get ready to embrace the spring season with colour and freedom with this fabulous selection of clothing for children! African Safari Print Vest With an engaging design and comfortable fit, this wonderful vest top from Tootsa MacGinty is a perfect choice for casual wear on a warm day or underneath a sweatshirt or jumper. Leopard Print Harem Trousers It may not be quite warm enough for just shorts and a t-shirt just yet so these animal print leggings provide a perfect alternative to jeans or trousers. Featuring a colourful design, the trousers are from Tootsa MacGinty’s African Safari collection. Sunrise Quilted Bomber Jacket A stylish jacket for those cooler spring days, this is both lightweight and practical. It is also suitable for both boys and girls. Bella Party Skirt A fun and feminine skirt for young girls, this will be a perfect addition to a spring or summer wardrobe. The navy skirt is designed with a comfortable fit and a layered effect. Renzo 3D Tiger T-Shirt You can never have too many t-shirts and this cool design features a 3D tiger image. Perfect for young boys, this will make a stylish addition to a spring outfit. Rimona T-Shirt Floral Ideal for wearing with jeans or a bouncy skirt, this colourful floral t-shirt provides a wonderful feminine look for spring and also features a slightly fitted style. Waiton Waterproof Jacket As there still may be a chance of rain in spring, this waterproof coat will be an essential to your child’s wardrobe. Lightweight and practical, the bright colour will no doubt put a smile on your child’s face. Camelia Dress Pretty and practical, this floral dress from Molo features a feminine design that’s perfect for a garden party or a dry day. Whatever your plans for the spring season, ensure your children are equipped with some fabulous clothing to suit any condition the unreliable weather may throw up!
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