Top 10 Djeco Toys For Kids
Whatever your favourite choice of toy, it is hard to deny the creativity and imagination that goes into Djeco’s products. Renown for their arts and craft toys, Djeco produce nothing but exciting and high quality toys for kids. Created by talented designers in Paris, Djeco’s dedication in ensuring each product is safe and fun is simply outstanding. Ranging from wooden toys to scratch cards to play food, Djeco’s selection of toys offer something for every child at playtime. Here at Birdkids, we take a countdown of some of our best toys on offer from Djeco! 10. Stacking Cubes A test of skill and patience, these stacking cubes are a great of entertaining the children and helping with counting skills. Made with cardboard, these cubes are safe, fun and will never grow old. image of Stacking Cubes - Forest 9. Mobile One for the younger children, this enchanting mobile features a colourful bird theme that can be a great aid for sleeping in your child’s bedroom. 8. Jigsaw Puzzle A fantastic game for a rainy day, this wooden puzzle is contained in a neat and attractive box ready for playtime. image of Silhouette 54 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - The Fairy Castle 7. Ice Cream Set This wonderful play food set consists of wooden ice cream flavours that can be scooped into a cornet. A great toy for children who love role play games. image of Wooden Ice Cream Set - Paul & Cerise 6. Safari Animals Jigsaw With 200 pieces to place together, this jigsaw will certainly be a great gift for a child who loves a challenge. When complete, the puzzle reveals an arranged image of safari animals. image of Observation 200 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Safari Animals 5. Magnetic Fishing Game Specially designed for younger children, this magnetic game provides a fun and entertaining fishing game. 4. Gel Pastels Providing a child with the freedom to create what they want, these gel pastels are designed with a thick drawing surface perfect for creating blends of colour. image of 12 Gel Pastels – Classic 3. Wooden Magnetic Shapes Geoform is a traditional wooden magnetic game that helps children to recognise different shapes. The game allows you to create your own designs and patterns. 2. 3D Paper Models This is just one example of Djeco’s many paper workshops and model kits. Great construction practice, simply follow the instructions to create your own 3D shapes. 1. Paper Weaving Kit - 6 Rabbits A simple kit involving paper weaving and stickers, this involves six colourful rabbits to make a perfect craft for artistic children. image of Djeco Paper Weaving Kit - 6 Rabbits With so much to offer, Djeco is the brand you need to find the perfect children’s toy. For our full range of Djeco toys, please click here.
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