If the current weather is anything to go by, then it seems the summer will soon be upon us. While the children are off school, we need to keep them occupied with a range of activities to avoid the dreaded "I'm bored" phrase. As the weather is so nice, day trips and outdoor activities are a perfect way to spend some time together with family and friends. I particularly enjoy visiting some of the many nature and theme parks in the UK; the children can run around all day long and a ready for an early night when we get home! While admission to these parks is generally pretty reasonable; trying to feed the whole family while you are there can be costly - to say the least! Packed lunches are the ideal solution to this problem - you can provide your children with a healthy, balanced lunch at half the price of the "junk food" alternatives. The fantastic new range of lunch boxes and drinking bottles by Blafre, are excellent for packed lunches. Retro inspired, these bright and colourful items have been specifically designed for children, and have been CE approved for carrying food stuffs.
The "Red Fish" range is my particular favourite and has been deemed as "cool" by my teenager! The lunch box is large and can carry enough food for the whole day; while the stainless steel bottle holds 350ml of their favourite drink and features a sports cap for drinking.
With seven different designs available, you are sure to find one that your child will love and will happily carry around all day long. So forget Easter eggs this weekend, buy your child a fantastic lunch box and drinking bottle. It's better for their teeth and can be used for school when the new term starts.
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