It’s nearly that time of year again. The sun is shining, the BBQ is cooking, the cold drinks are flowing and you’re planning your outfits for the summer season events. The question is, what about your kids? Because no matter how on-trend you are, you’re only as fashionable as your ‘mini me’. However, here at Birdkids, we stock a wide range of stylish clothes for tots of all ages so you can ensure that your little one is a fashionable match with you! Baby’s Clothing It can be hard to dress one that is so young due to their tiny size. Not only that, but you have to bear in mind the extra mess on clothes that is created by a baby or a toddler and even keeping them out of direct sunlight is a top priority. However, here we have a gorgeous sundress that would be perfect for picnics or parties, a cool pair of white trousers and even a short-sleeved all in one playsuit to keep your baby cool and comfortable! Little Shrimp Sundress - RubyFroy & Dind Short All in One - Sky Blue Star Girl’s Clothing Girls are relatively easier to dress than boys thanks to our range of pretty dresses and skirts! As is always the case with adults, females are open to a wider range of clothes options. The following are a couple of our favourites including two adorable dresses and a colourful skirt! Question Everything RubyMolo Bess skirtPurebaby Ahoy Marine Striped Dress Boy’s Clothing Relatively simple in design and style, our range of boy’s clothing will make your son look more handsome than ever as well as helping to keep him cool and trendy in the summer sun! Boys&Girls Polo Shirt - YellowMolo Alfredo Shorts - Power GreenPurebaby Conductor Shorts - Charcoal Shoes If the season could be defined by one sandal shape, it would be chunky. Jelly shoes are back in for the summer and are available in shops for both children and adults! On the other hand, flip flops are a timeless style. Project Jelly Jelly Shoes - Watermelon RocksProject Jelly Jelly Shoes - Raspberry MiviMolo Zikan Flip Flops - Capri Accessories What better item is there to complete an outfit than a pair of stylish sunglasses? Our fantastic range will keep your kids happy all day along, anywhere they go, with whatever they’re wearing! Molo Sunglasses Pilot - Orange PopMolo Sunglasses Petit Girl - CantaloupeMolo Sunglasses Petit Boy - Capri You don’t have to be a grown-up to keep up with this season’s hottest trends. With our range of fabulous summer outfits, you will find a style to suit every child! Get in touch with us and let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.
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