If you are looking for great soft toys, then look no further than our “Cuddlekin” collection by Wild Republic. Delightful creatures of the Sea, the Cuddlekin range has everything from Turtles and Dolphins to Octopus and Crabs, all made in beautiful summer colours that would look great in any child’s bedroom. Made from the highest quality materials, these cute and cuddly soft toys meet all UK and European child safety standards, so you can give with confidence and your child can play safely. Perhaps one of my favourites would have to be this beautiful Hermit Crab. Made from the softest materials, this cute crab complete with shell, is perfect for snuggling up to. Surface washable, it can be played with over and over again, and simply wiped clean when it starts to look a little grubby! From the same Cuddlekin range, this brightly coloured Pacific Octopus has lots of fluffy limbs to cuddle. At approximately 30cm long, this nice big soft toy would make a perfect birthday gift. I have never met anyone that does not like Dolphins, so this Bottle-nosed dolphin from the Cuddlekin collection is sure to be a hit. Finished is a beautiful soft grey, with a white underbelly, this is a soft toy that both children and adults would love to own. Capturing Wild Republics motto “Inspired by nature, fuelled by fun” all the soft toys this delightful Cuddlekin range are both educational and nature friendly, making them the perfect gift for any occasion.
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