Soft toys such as teddy bears, stuffed animals and rag-dolls make wonderful birthday gifts and great Christmas stocking fillers. Something a child can never have enough of, soft toys are often played with far more than the more expensive modern toys that line our toy store shelves, and many kids find comfort in these delightful fluffy creatures. Suitable for kids of all ages, a cuddly soft toy is often the first gift we buy for our newborns and something that many children hang onto right through their teenage and even adult years.

Something for our little boys perhaps, Bruno Bear is a modern twist on the traditional teddy bear. Made in Scandinavia from 100% pesticide free cotton chenille, Bruno is washable and has two different facial expressions. A lovely gift for a newborn, this beautiful soft toy will comfort your baby day and night, and with no detachable eyes, nose or buttons to worry about, Bruno Bear is completely safe for kids of all ages.
I have yet to meet a child who does not love stuffed animals, and these soft toys by Danish company Sebra, are handmade from the highest quality cotton materials so they wash easily. At an average size of 33cm, these unique stuffed toys would make great Christmas stocking fillers and are available in four of our all time favourite zoo animals - Giraffe, Elephant, Monkey and Zebra. Choosing just one is the hard part so why not treat your little one to a complete set!
From the same Sebra collection, these gorgeous rag dolls will appeal to little girls across the world. Sarah doll is handmade from 100% cotton and is beautifully soft to the touch. Her long dark hair and rosy red cheeks make for a very attractive doll, and handmade clothing in the same collection will allow you to dress and change her as often as you wish. A wonderful birthday gift for any little girl, Sarah doll is sure to become a lifelong friend. Super soft toys from Scandinavia - treat your kids today!
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