You may have guessed, but here at Bird Kids we love throwing a party! With the Opening Ceremony for the 2012 Olympic Games taking place on Friday, I think it’s the perfect excuse! The only problem is that it doesn’t start until 9pm, so if you have younger children, you might want to record the event and then hold your party the next day. Firstly, you’ll want to decorate your home. You’ll want plenty of red, white and blue everywhere! You could also get the kids to break out their arts and crafts supplies to make their own decorations. Paper chains are a really simple idea, and they look great when using the colours of the Olympic rings. Bunting is also really easy to make yourself; just get a long length of ribbon and some paper triangles that your children can have fun drawing pictures on. Cutting from magazines or newspapers also work really well. When it comes to food, I love the idea of celebrating the different countries taking part. You could cook one or two dishes from a selection of countries and then decorate your table with little flags of those countries. For example, try bahjis for India, pizza slices for Italy, mini-burgers for America and so on. If the kids want to get involved with the cooking, how about baking and decorating some Olympic-themed cookies or cupcakes? Once all your preparation is done, ask your guests to arrive an hour or two before the start of the ceremony. Asking them to turn up in sportswear is a really fun idea, or even dressed up to represent a different country. Before the ceremony starts, having fun with some Olympic games of your own in the garden, like races or perhaps a game of football. Why not have some small prizes or hand-made medals to give out to the winners? Finally, when it rolls around to 9pm, you can all settle down to watch the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony! I think that a party like this is a fantastic way for both adults and children to enjoy this exciting, one-in-a-lifetime event together. Let us know what you have planned, and we’d love to see some pictures when the dust has settled! As always, you can get in touch by leaving a comment below or chatting to us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!
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