If you have haven’t taken a look at Wild and Wolf's selection of traditional children’s toys by ‘Ridley’s House of Novelties’, then click here. Classic games, jokes and magic tricks that we all remember as children, have been reinvented and are now available for our children to enjoy as much as we did. This delightful Ping Pong set is a replica of the one I owned as a child. Ideal for playing indoors or out, this game will create hours of competitive fun and entertainment. The set includes two bats, three balls, a net that attaches easily to any flat surface, and storage bag, making it a perfect gift for any occasion! The 5 Classic Jokes Set is a box full of pranks that are still amusing after 20 years! Including these classics: Hand Buzzer, Snapping Chewing Gum, Nail through finger, Insect on Ice and of course a Whoopee Cushion, this joke set will probably appeal to grown-ups just as much as children. Who remembers playing with a “Springy”? This Retro Spring toy is great fun to play with and your children will love making it walk down the stairs. Finally, there is the ‘Magic Trick Set’, including five classic magic tricks that your child can easily master; a great toy, it will be played with over and over again. All the children’s toys from the Ridley’s House of Novelties range come in wonderful retro boxes and have an original feel; furthermore, they all cost less than £10 making them perfect gifts for any occasion.

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