5 Reasons Why Wooden Toys Are Simply Brilliant
Traditional wooden toys have always been a favourite with kids perhaps due to their simple yet versatile nature. Although electronic toys are becoming more frequently available, do they inspire the same imagination and creativity for your child as a wooden toy? Here at Birdkids, we are passionate about supplying children with toys they will really love, whether it’s a puzzle, pull along toy or building blocks. So in this post, we ask why the timeless classics are still simply brilliant! shutterstock_212598076 5. Simplistic & Fun In contrast to the complicated production of electronic toys, the simplistic nature of wooden toys is still to be appreciated. Allowing your child to create their own stories wherever they choose to play, these toys simply provide the starting point for playtime. image of Stacking Cubes - Funny 4. Hours Of Fun With so many scenarios to create and develop for play, wooden toys are able to provide hours of fun. Encouraging team play rather than a solo effort, they are also able to be enjoyed with other children which will increase the time of entertainment. 3. Safe & Entertaining There’s nothing quite as satisfying knowing that your children can have fun in a safe and relaxed environment. With no danger value, wooden toys are safe, reliable and traditionally crafted. 2. Develops Skills Not only can you ensure your children are having fun with wooden toys, they can also develop skills such as great hand-eye coordination, creativity and colour recognition. In addition, they can also be grasped easily by small hands. 1. Encourages Imagination & Creativity Due to the simplistic nature of wooden toys, the limits are of playtime are endless. Perhaps one of the most influential reasons for choosing one is the fact that it encourages imagination and creativity, which is a benefit to be admired. image of Wooden Mini Farm With these reasons and many more, we are sure your child will not be disappointed with a wooden toy. A great way of keeping children occupied, these toys will supply endless amounts of fun. For our full range of wooden toys, click here.
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