If ever you needed a creative and fun activity to keep the kids occupied for hours, colouring is the answer. Not only encouraging creativity and imagination, colouring is good practice for children learning to hold a pen or pencil correctly. What’s more, it is also an inexpensive art that will last for hours. Without having to be an artist, children will love the freedom that colouring offers whether it’s using gel pastels or crayons. So let’s take a look at the reasons why and how you can get your kids into colouring! Variety Of Choice Even if your child is unsure what to draw or colour, our selection of activity books will ensure they will never fall short of ideas. Teaching children to focus on colouring inside the lines, these books consist of different themes to please every child. Creativity It goes without saying that colouring provides children with the opportunity to draw whatever they want even if it’s just a shape. The chance to sketch and scribble is a benefit that children can enjoy for hours. Focus Colouring will provide children with an excuse to concentrate on what they are doing. More often than not, it is hard to grab the attention of children for long periods of time. However, with a crayon and paper they will learn to focus on a handwriting task. image of Felt Tip Double Ended Pens - 10 New Colours Design With our great selection of design kits such as placemats and fashion workshops, you can ensure children are kept entertained at all times. The workshops and sets consist of art activity paper with different designs for children to colour and draw. Blends Of Colour Children love the attraction of colour and what better way to create it than with a set of gel pastels? With the ability to create different blends of colour, these gel pastels will reveal a thick drawing surface for easy handling. With so many reasons for creativity, make sure stationery and colouring books are the activity you choose on a rainy day! For our full range of colouring equipment, please click here.