The world of Peter Rabbit is a story that’s simply too adorable to be forgotten from childhood. Written by Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit was developed for a number of children’s stories since the year of 1902. Still around today in a number of versions, ‘The Tale Of Peter Rabbit’ is a worldwide phenomenon that has sold over 151 million copies and published in 35 languages. Potter first created her fictional character after her pet rabbit named Peter Piper. Peter Rabbit is intended to act like a human through symbolism, hence his jacket, shoes and family home. To accompany him on his adventures, Peter’s relatives such as his mother Mrs. Josephine Rabbit, his sisters and his Cousin Benjamin Bunny help to create a number of tales. The Tale Of Peter Rabbit The first and original story of Peter was a huge success all over the world and is still being sold today. It depicts a simple story of a young Peter who goes against his mother’s orders, runs into trouble and manages to escape with a few lessons learnt. This story marks the first of Peter’s adventures and highlights his childish nature. Other Stories After the original story, five additional books were published after 1904. In these stories, we follow Peter as he grows up and develops his own personality. In 2013, Emma Thompson released her narrative of ‘The Further Tale Of Peter Rabbit’ and subsequently ‘The Spectacular Tale Of Peter Rabbit’ in 2014. image of Peter Rabbit - Single Handled Mug Merchandise As an exceptionally popular character, Peter Rabbit has been used for merchandise such as greeting cards, dishes and dolls. He has also appeared in several adaptations and pieces of artwork. Are you a fan of Peter Rabbit? Browse our full range of products here.
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