Easter weekend is almost upon on us, and I've spent more hours than I should browsing through crafty ideas to keep little ones busy. Anything that gets everyone outdoors and having fun scores high in my book, and even as an adult Easter Egg Hunts are a favourite of mine. They were always full of fun, magic and excitement, and if you're planning one this weekend, I've found a few ideas to make this years Easter Egg Hunt particularly special. I came across the idea of a rainbow trail from Oh Happy Day (an amazing blog you should all check out), and I can imagine few things as magical as following a winding rainbow trail through a wood or forest, hunting for Easter eggs along the way!

You can always hide the Easter eggs along the way, but why not throw in some extra special eggs, of which there are only a few and collecting them scores you bonus points? I particularly loved these pink designs, as they were quick and easy to do, but look really pretty and would stand out amongst the foliage!

You could always hang a few eggs from the trees by some rope for another magical touch, we got the idea from a pinterest post which unfortunately has no source information, but looks so wonderful we couldn't not include it.

Let us know if you're doing anything special this Easter, and if you have any fun egg hunt ideas we haven't thought of!

Happy Easter from us all at Birdkids x

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