Well, hasn’t the weather just taken a turn for the worst? And there was me getting all excited for summer! The worst part is finding something exciting for the kids to do, which doesn’t involve them vegging out in front of the TV. I always like to challenge my kids to do something creative, to really get their imaginations sparking!

Image of 24 Chunky Pencil Set - The Gruffalo

My kids simply adore the Gruffalo, and this fantastic pencil set is a favourite at home. The set contains 24 colouring pencils in a great range of colours. The tin stops pencils going walkabouts, which in my house is a real Godsend! As a nice added bonus, it even contains a wooden pencil sharpener.

Image of 6 Tubs of Light Modelling Clay

If there’s a birthday or special occasion coming up in my family, my kids love making extra special gifts for that person. This great set of 6 modelling clays is just perfect for that. In fact, I’ve lost track of the amount of brightly coloured models proudly on display at Grandma’s house!

Image of Build & Decorate Your Own - Princess Palace Kit

Finally, if you’ve got the space, this amazing Palace kit is great fun for older children. The pieces of plain cardboard easily fit together without the need for glue, and then their imagination can run wild with the decorating! While it is listed as a “Princess” castle, the neutral design can be decorated in absolutely any way. Arts and crafts kits are a great way of bringing some colour into your home on a rainy day, and are much more productive and fun than watching cartoons! If your children create any masterpieces, let us know on Facebook or Twitter, we'd love to see them.
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