It’s almost the end of the summer already and it seems these past few weeks of having the kids at home have flown by! Amongst the many numbers on your to-do list, you will have to return to morning school runs, preparing pack lunches, organising P.E. kits and ensuring school uniform is washed and ironed. Therefore as a little helper to your pending list, we’d like to suggest some essentials that you will certainly need for your child’s new school year. Notebooks Although many schools supply a certain amount of exercise books, a notebook is an essential item for your child to have on hand. They are perfect for notes, drawing, ideas and make completing homework more entertaining than the task itself! Stationery Sometimes it’s all the smallest delights that make the world of difference to a child’s attention span. If provided with a set of beautiful colours, their work is sure to be more creative and fun to complete. In our colouring selection, you will find everything from pencils, to felt tip pens, to pencil tins to stencil books. Socks & Tights There is always a demand for new socks and tights whether it’s due to frequent wear, the dismal weather, or the fact that children grow out of clothes quickly! image of Shark Walkie Talkie - tropical blue Lunch Boxes Lunch time is perhaps the best moment of the school day and what better way to look forward to it than with a stylish lunch box? It is both the interior and exterior of the box that your child can celebrate. image of Lunch Box - Caterpillar Jackets & Coats As the colder and wetter weather settles in, coats and jackets have never been in more demand. Ensuring your children remain dry and warm, our fabulous set of coats and jackets are sure to please whatever your child’s taste. Bags & Purses Sometimes a carrier bag just won’t suffice when it comes to taking books, money, P.E. kits and lunch boxes to school. That’s why our selection of bags and purses are an excellent way of carrying those essential items in style. image of Do-It-Your-Way Kit Bag - Green Settling into a new school year is always an important time for students and we hope this list has helped you figure out the essential items you need to equip your child for the year!
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