Unlike common assumption, it is never too early for a child to start playing with toys. Acquiring new skills and discovering different experiences are fundamental to a child’s first year of learning. Increasing imagination, providing entertainment and keeping your child’s brain active are just some of the benefits of purchasing toys and games for newborns. Musical Toys An adorable range of soft toys, these musical boxes provide a soothing lullaby as well as being soft and cuddly to hold. Baby Rattles Releasing a gentle tinkle when shaken, our selection of baby rattles include only the best brands such as Anne-Claire Petit and Pebble. All are safe to play with and will keep your little one occupied for hours. Soft Toys For Newborns This detailed selection of soft toys provides a handmade range of adorable animals that are sure to put a smile on your newborn’s face. Each item in our ranges are made from some of the best designer brands around and feature truly unique items for your child’s entertainment. Whether it’s musical toys, baby rattles or a soft cuddly, we have it covered here at Birdkids for all the cute gift items you need for a newborn.
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