Traditional wooden toys and games make the ideal gift for our younger boys and girls, as they are strong, durable and able to withstand the most enthusiastic of play-times! Standing the ‘test of time’ the wooden toys in our children’s gift collection are modern versions of the gifts we played with as kids, and despite the huge competition out there, these timeless toys never seem to lose their popularity, and appeal to children of all ages. A perfect example would be the beautiful Hobby Horse by Egmont. Just like the one I had as a child, this adorable wooden Hobby Horse features wooden wheels and handles, and has the cutest horse head complete with reigns. Suitable for children ages 3 years+, this fantastic wooden toy would make a wonderful children’s gift for both Birthdays and Christmas. The wooden pull-out puzzles by Djeco are popular toys that appeal to younger kids who are learning about shapes, sizes, colours and their favourite animals. A children’s gift that is both educational and fun to play with, you really cannot go wrong with one of these delightful games, and they will occupy your little ones for hours. With building blocks, jewellery kits and a range of other fun wooden toys in this collection, it is easy to find the perfect children’s gift for every little girl or boy.
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