Having three children of my own I spend a lot of time choosing and buying Birthday and Christmas presents, and while I have to admit that I enjoy the shopping part (no surprises there!) the ever rising costs are a concern. As other parents will know, once your child reaches a certain age they start receiving birthday party invitations from their friends and yet more gifts are required. With an average of 20 birthday parties per year, I am constantly on the lookout for fun children’s gifts that do not cost a fortune. Fortunately, there are several items out there and my gift of choice would have to be one of the great novelty mugs currently available. I remember buying my niece a novelty mug some 20 years ago, it has gone through high school and college with her and now has pride of place in her own apartment, and while some of us might find it slightly odd that a 21-year-old woman still drinks from a 'Postman Pat' mug she finds it hilarious! Therefore, a great mug makes a fun yet practical gift for children (and adults!) and as there is a great variety to choose from, you can find a cost effective gift to suit any age.
For the younger kids a Mr. Men Mug featuring their favourite character is sure to be a success, be it Mr. Chatterbox, Mr. Happy or Little Miss Chatterbox, these delightful mugs make a great birthday gift that many go on to collect.
Moomin is a popular cartoon character from my childhood, and it seems this lovable creature now has his own selection of novelty mugs. Featuring all the characters from the cartoon, such as Snork Maiden, Moominpappa and Snufkin, these beautifully illustrated mugs by Arabia Finland would make a lovely gift for any occasion.
For the older kids a Scrabble Mug with their initial makes a personalised gift, perfect for those who like to collect. Made by Wild & Wolf, these scrabble mugs celebrate the world’s best selling game and each features their own letter, numerical value and scoring information on the reverse. A great selection of children’s gifts that are both cost effective and fun – what could be better than a novelty mug!
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