We hope you are all enjoying this (rare!) sunny half term week off. We’re sure you’re making the most of the weather and getting out and about, and we’ve thought of a few fun things to get your little ones outdoors for if – or when! – you run out of ideas. We are lucky enough to live not far from the sea here in Cornwall, and we love getting out to the seaside whenever the weather lets us. There’s so much for children to do at the beach, whether it’s collecting mermaid’s purses and empty shells, to rock pooling and playing in the surf. We therefore think that a bucket and spade are essentials when going for a day out at the beach. A good quality bucket can be used to collect interesting rock pool creatures your kids are sure to hunt out (putting them back afterwards, of course), and also for collecting fun stones, empty shells or any other unusual things you are sure to find on the beach. Not forgetting of course, a bucket makes a rather wonderful sand castle, and there are few things that evoke memories at the beach as much as the wonderful sand castles and structures you try and build. If you want some particularly outstanding sand castles, then these sand moulds are the piéce de résistance to your castle, and will surely make it outshine any others on the beach! They are really just a fun alternative your kids will love playing with. If however, you’ve decided to stay at home this week and want something to keep your little ones occupied, then these grow your own kits will really keep them busy for entire days. Spring is on its way, and there are few things as satisfying as planting seeds and watching them grow. Especially for children, this gives such a wonderful sense of awe and achievement, and can teach them the fundamentals of plant biology, as well as responsibility and caring for something to nurture it and help it grow. You don’t have to stick to the usual sunflowers or Busy Lizzie’s however. These little sets create miniature gardens for your children to treasure, and the Weird and Wonderful Garden includes A monkey plant, a tickle-me plant and a cape sundew, amongst others. Watch your child check this everyday, even when half term is well and truly over. Whatever you decide to do this half term, we hope the above have given you a couple of ideas to keep everyone busy and happy.

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