After one of the mildest winters on record, it looks like we are set for some freezing cold weather over the next few weeks as a Siberian cold front travels our way. Not the best of timing when you consider the schools break up for half term in a couple of weeks, but the good news is we have a fantastic collection of crafts for kids that will keep your little ones happy and occupied if you have to spend the whole week indoors. The “build your own” crafts for kids in the Calafant collection are both entertaining and educational, so they appeal to children of all ages. My particular favourite would have to be the Princess Palace kit that you slot together to create the ultimate fairytale palace. Once constructed you can paint or colour your palace anyway you like, so it is ideal for those wintery afternoons at home. Finger-paints are great for the little ones, and many a happy afternoon will be spent with a set of paints, some paper, and lots of imagination. Djeco has a whole selection of finger-paints, painting kits and workshops in their crafts for kids collection, and they all cost far less than a visit to the cinema! Puppet making is a craft for kids that goes back hundreds of years but it remains popular with our young children today. Crafty Kids has put together a fantastic collection of puppet kits that you make at home, paint and decorate to create your very own working puppet. Complete with paints, glue, brush and instruction booklet, this particular set will keep the kids busy for hours. There is no point heading out for the day if it is going to be freezing cold, so why not stock up on some hot chocolate, a bag or two of your favourite snacks and some crafts for kids to make this half term the best yet!

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