Just when I thought it was safe to pack away the winter hats, scarves and gloves, a Siberian Cold Front arrives and so I need to dig everything out again for the morning walks to school! Apparently this icy cold weather is going to last for “up to four weeks” so if you and your kids are in need of a great winter hat then check out our fantastic Eisbär collection. Making fun and funky headwear for the whole family, Austrian brand Eisbär is popular across the world, and if you have been watching any winter sports on TV you are sure to have seen quite a few of their hats. The great thing about Eisbär hats is that children do not mind wearing them. Comfortable, modern and available in a whole range of different colours, there is something to suit every taste and they are so warm and cosy that you might not want to take it off! All Eisbär hats are made from Merino sheep wool that is coated with Teflon to create a durable, warm, and water resistant hat. Perfect for daily use in addition to winter sporting events and activities, an Eisbär hat will last for many winter seasons, and the fun designs will never go out of fashion. Available for toddler’s right through to adults, Eisbär winter hats make wonderful gifts and they will keep those Siberian chills at bay, so get yours now before the frostbite kicks in!

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