Behind The Scenes

Birdkids is a family-owned business run by us, Clair and Glenn. We’re a husband and wife duo who love and value our customers. We sell "proper" toys (you won’t see a battery or screen on this site) with the proper service to match.

We do it all.

We are customer services; answering your questions quickly and efficiently. It's not uncommon for us to answer your queries late at night or early in the morning. We want Birdkids to be known for its incredible service.

We are the packaging line; all our toys are hand packed. Nothing fancy, just by us. This means that the utmost care is taken to protect your items from damage.

Clair is our purchasing department; rummaging through catalogues is her forte; finding you the best in traditional arts, crafts and toys. Mainly from the major brands, however, we’re also keen to support and introduce smaller independent brands that you may not have known about.

We are the shipping team; making sure your orders get to you for when you need them. This gives us the flexibility to give you the best service possible.

Therefore, at Birdkids, we are what makes us different. We are experienced in business however, we are not "corporate" people. We love what we do and have taken that enthusiastic energy into our brand and business.

When we are not at the office you can find us sitting on the patio in our back garden (weather dependent of course), with a cup of tea, our doggies lounging next to us; whilst watching Kevin, our resident bat, flying overhead.

Behind The Scenes