Gorgeous Sensory Toys For Babies & Toddlers

Friday, 22nd of October 2021

Here at Birdkids, we stock a brilliant range of sensory toys and games for babies and toddlers. We're proud to stock products from brands such as Lilliputiens, Petit Collage and Bigjigs Toys that are dedicated to the development and well being of your

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The Best Creative Art & Craft Kits For Kids

Friday, 24th of September 2021

At Birdkids, we source the best in children’s crafts, choosing those inspired by nature and the world around us. From children’s painting and colouring to workshops and build your own kits. All of our art and craft kits are designed to keep your little

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Best Ways to Keep Your Kids Happy While Travelling

Tuesday, 24th of August 2021

We know how challenging it can be to keep our little ones busy and happy while travelling. Whether you are on a long road trip, taking a transatlantic flight or going on an adventure by train, our range of toys, games and books can be used to encourage independent

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Our Fabulous, Fun & Funky Crayon Boxes

Thursday, 22nd of July 2021

Get creative with our stunning sets of colourful wax crayons. Ideal for budding artists, your little one will love our range of funky shaped crayons which come in a variety of cool shapes!

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10 Of The Best Garden Games For A Better Summer

Thursday, 10th of June 2021

Here at Birdkids, we are passionate about promoting outdoor play and how important it is for our little ones. There are many so benefits to playing outside including improved overall health, greater self-awareness, appreciation for the environment and more!

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