Kitting out a nursery for the first time can be a complicated affair; "How kid-friendly do I make it? What do I need to include? What style do I go for?"

We believe that the perfect nursery finds that perfect youngster-meets-grown-up balance; a calming, cosy, inviting space, filled with items that won't be re-homed or thrown out the moment your child stops being a toddler.

The elegant 'modern chic' look is one that manages to transcend those faddy styles and trends, helping you hang on to those well-chosen pieces of decor and furniture for longer.

So get stocking up on bold patterns, timeless toys and plenty more ideas that Birdkids have handpicked to transform your nursery room...

Think Vibrant

Babies love vivid colours and eye-catching designs as a form of engaging visual stimulation. Dress your room with plenty of graphics, patterns and different contemporary styles to bring the nursery to life.

Get Something You Know You'll Keep

You can make a statement with pretty much anything in your nursery (we suggest trying out something from our cool and quirky lighting section if you're a little stuck), but having a special print or this Alphabet Embroidered Hanging Canvas from Meri Meri will be something you can cherish and keep forever.

Mix Creativity With Practicality

If you're looking for something visually and mentally stimulating then take a glimpse at Wee Gallery. From growth charts to activity mats, rattles, cuddly toys and blankets, you'll add a real visual flair to your nursery while helping to develop those young minds at the same time.


Quality Matters

When it comes to toys, think traditional over what's on trend. Although those 'toys of the moment' will seem like a good idea when you buy them, nothing will beat the everlasting appeal of traditional wooden toys, games and playsets that will be played with and admired for years to come.

Get Cozy!

Make the nursery a place of fun and relaxation by scattering plush pillows, soft blankets and even an armchair you and your little one can just sink in to...

Post By Ed Mason