At BirdKids we sell lots of children’s clothing from mainland Europe. As you have probably noticed many of the sizes height in cm rather than ages as we do in the UK. In many ways this system makes more sense if you know the height of the child you are buying for. If not then it may become a perilous guessing game where a t-shirt may turn out to be a dress or a crop top…

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Most of our EU sizes include the UK equivalent where appropriate but not all UK sizes include the European form. We have created this children’s clothes size conversion table for our international visitors (hello!). Please note, as with all guides, the sizes are based on the mythical "average child" and we strongly suggest you measure before buying.

EU size (height in cm)UK size (approximate age)
560/3 months
623/6 months  or 3 months
686/9 or 6/12 months or 6 months
749/12 months or 9 months
8012/18 months or 12 months
8618/24 months or 18 months
922/3 years or 2 years
983/4 years or 3 years
1044/5 years or 4 years
1105/6 years or 5 years
1166/7 years or 6 years
1227/8 years or 7 years
1288/9 years or 8 years
1349/10 years or 9 years
14010/11 years or 10 years
14611/12 years or 11 years
15212/13 years or 12 years
16414/15 years or 14 years
17616/17 years or 16 years
P.s. The new Louie Louis stock is looking gorgeous.

Post By Lewis Y