If you've every wondered what makes a good toddlers toy, your first thoughts may be fun, safe to play with or even educational, but a truly great toy goes far deeper...

Enter the multifaceted Sensory Toy.

These playtime attention grabbers are specially made to keep your little one engaged your child mentally and physically, developing their minds while they have fun at the same time. They work by honing in on the strongest senses - sight, touch and sound.

Usually, sensory toys are cleverly designed with unique colours, creative patterns and different elements to create interest, encourage inquisitiveness and curiosity as well as giving them gratification.


Wee Gallery Woodland Animals Activity Mat

Wee Gallery's range of activity mats are designed with strikingly creative design work and interactive features to enhance your child's visual perception of the world. The mat also comes with pockets, flaps and wooden pull rings for an added tangible feel.

Liewood Betty Fabric Book

Reading to little ones is a great way to add an aural dimension to their world, but this Betty Fabric Book works slightly differently...

Each soft, squishy and irresistibly touchable page comes complete with a different animal to look at with its own special texture, which brings us onto our next key sense.


Moluk Mox Set Of 3

After sight, the sense of touch is probably the second strongest sense for your little one to explore.

The Moluk Mox ball set is great for stacking or building and can be played with the moment your little one is born! They're also made from soft, pliable, food-grade silicone rubber - completely safe for any baby to use.

Plan Toys Activity Blocks

Once your children have mastered the Moluk Mox set, let their tactile senses run wild with the Activity Blocks set from Plan Toys! Each play-safe and eco-friendly rubber wood block is great for gripping onto and will allow your child to create whatever mini structures they want. This sensory toy will help them to hone their finger dexterity and precision, whilst helping young minds to work out how buildings and structures work.


Djeco Animambo Fish Xylophone

Anything that makes a noise will cause your baby or toddler's ears to prick up, so add some music to the mix with the Animambo Fish Xylophone from Djeco!

This toy really does cover all bases of sensory engagement - it's visually interesting, with chunky percussion sticks to grip onto and four wooden bars to strike and make a noise!

Djeco Baby Rain Shaker

If you're looking for something more soothing for your little one to play with, the Rain Shaker from Djeco is designed with beads that fall whichever way you tip the toy - it's mesmerising to the ears and the eyes when you watch each mini multicoloured ball fall through the clever design.

Post By Ed Mason