Brand Spotlight: Janod

Monday, 19th of October 2015

Established in 1970 in France, Janod initially focused on selling traditional wooden toys including skipping ropes, yo-yos, skittles and more. Then in 2004, the CEO pascal Bernard set up a full scale department including graphic design artists and product

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Brand Spotlight: Sonny Angel

Monday, 13th of April 2015

An extremely popular selection of mini dolls, the Sonny Angel collection offers something for everyone. Ranging from Christmas themed dolls to chocolate dolls, the collection is perfect for anyone who enjoys collecting or as a gift for any special occasion.

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Getting Your Child Into Paper Crafts

Monday, 22nd of December 2014

Paper crafts are a favourite past time that have become increasingly popular in recent decades due to our fascination with origami. Now available in many different designs, the art of folding and creating characters with paper offers more joy than ever. But

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Amazing Build Your Own Kits From Birdkids

Friday, 12th of December 2014

Christmas is an exciting time of year for children. But from opening their presents to Christmas dinner, it can seem that everything goes by in a flash, even unfortunately the appeal of some gifts. Here at Birdkids we have selected some of the most amazing

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Birdkids Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Tuesday, 18th of November 2014

Deciding on what kids clothes to purchase can be difficult all year round, but much more so during the winter months. With the weather conditions getting considerably more gloomy, little ones require layers and accessories that keep them warm and dry as well

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